About OC On Line Study Club Membership

Welcome to the Study Club of Occlusion Connections!

This is a "Personal Invitation" to practicing dentists to become a member of the OCCLUSION CONNECTIONS Private Online Study Club with Dr. Chan and his faculty of elite and advance clinicians.

Benefits Include:

For all clinicians who own a Myomonitor TENS (J5) and or a K7 (Myotronics-Noromed, Inc) who want to sharpen their diagnostic and clinical skills can join the Online Study Club where they can post their questions to learn from experts and their peers. They will be able to read and discuss up to date information, exchange ideas from what they have learned in the OC courses and be apart of discussions on clinical tips that have been posted on this forum.
  • Information, Scientific and Topic Specific
  • Access to Case Diagnosis - TMD, Restorative and Orthodontics
  • Discussion Forums/Technical Chat - Q & A
  • TENS (Myomonitor - J5) Support
  • Advanced K7 Instrumentation Support
  • Access to Dr. Chan's Published Articles
  • Clinical Tips and the How to do it Answers and more
  • Expert support based on a diverse background of treatment disciplines
  • No Membership fee or dues is required.
ALL are INVITED to Join the Open Group Facebook Forums at:
Register to Become an OC Online Study Group Private Member:

To become a member you must attend OC Level 1 course.  "Occlusion Connections Online Study Club Registration" (CLICK TO REGISTER)

OC Study Club Forum Elite Membership Qualifications:
  • All member have attended one of OC's courses in Las Vegas, NV to maintain their membership status on this forum.  
  • All members are encouraged to own their own J5 Myomonitor (Myotronics) and or K7.
  • New members must attend OC's Level 1 - Advanced Principles of Physiologic Occlusion course.
  • OC on line study club membership is complimentary for all paid course doctors.
  • Provisional status membership is granted for 1 year only to those doctors who know an existing OC Study Club member.
Purpose of the Occlusion Connections Study Club Forum:
  • The Occlusion Connections study club forum is directed toward serving licensed dental practitioners with discussions and exchange of information with Dr. Chan and his group of mentors (dentist to dentist) regarding patient care and its relevance to clinical dentistry.
  • Members can share their concerns and questions among dentists and experts who have advanced training and knowledge in gneuromuscular dentistry and instrumentation.
  • Members have access to first hand insights into Dr. Chan's advanced gneuromuscular teachings.
  • Members are required to own Myotronics instrumentation (J5 and or K7 unit).
  • The study club forum is not open toward those who are involved in teaching, educating or promoting other programs or courses that are similar within the dental community.
Forum Etiquette Policies:
  • Positive, honest, respectful, comments are encourage on this forum.
  • No names of individuals, organizations or reference to other websites, links or blog links should be mentioned or promoted that would distract from this forums main objectives, focus and mission.
  • Participation of this forum is an acknowledgement of these terms of etiquette.
  • Violators of any of the ettiquette policies will be removed from the forum immediately.
The OC Study Club Forum is a private email forum for OC members only.  OC retains the right to remove any member they feel are not conducive to the OC ideals and standards.

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